Invoke: To call forth with earnest desire

verb  /  in·vocar  /  in-ˈvōko

I (re)dis-cover the inboked

Why: Know the code to any invocation and know what will come forth.

How: I question the dots and their connection, pruposely.

What: Wear meaningful shirts, with thought-provoking designs from all time best stories on self growth.

About inboko:

Hi there, I’m Eli and this is my journey to dis-cover the code of the best messages on individual development, from the point of view of what is inboked, of what comes forth with earnest desire. Why? Because if what is said calls forth the reality we encounter…  By being aware of what is invoked, I’ll know what will come forth.


I started this journey in 2015 when I published the visual code to Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which is really the Art of Harmony, to summarizes each of the 392 lessons and 13 chapters into one actionable insight: the five factors code. 


What is in it for you? For example: If you train yourself in the myth of Herakles (Hercules) to turn a series of challenging situations into opportunities, like a Hero would, it will be difficult to remember the myth’s entire message in day to day situations. Most people remember one scene or one popular phrase. Enter inboko… I codify the entire message of the Herakles myth into an easy to remember visual map: the map of the Hero. Because if I apply the myth’s map to my situation, I’ll know what will come forth and be ready to seize it. 


These visual power-maps are available in amazing shirts, practical training courses, beautifully designed books, thought provoking blog posts. Once you master each myth’s map it will be your time to invoke (call forth) the story you want to transcend.


– Eli