Why does it matter to fulfill one’s word? Is it at all related to YOLO? And what does this have to do with the first Lunar eclipse of the year?

We all know phrases about the value of one’s word like: as good as one’s word, the word is law, eat one’s words… What’s so powerful about one’s word? Maybe you discovered in these sayings by experience or deduction, allow me to uncover more to this.

One of those phrases resounds again and again in my mind: AS GOOD AS ONE’S WORD. Why not as good as one’s actions? Or as good as one’s ideas? I mean, before I speak I thought of it and after I speak I generate a feeling that leads to acting upon it… Let’s put all three to the test by figuring out which of these three I fully own with the questions: Can I start it? Can I avoid it? Can I select? Can I allow someone else to be aware of it (thoughts, words & speech)?


  • I decide when to start thinking.
  • I cannot avoid to think about something I don’t want to. Ex. the pink elephant!
  • I can decide what ideas to focus my mind on.
  • So far, I can’t, at will, allow someone else to know what I’m thinking.


  • I decide when to start speaking.
  • I can avoid to speak when I don’t want to. Even when asked to do so. Ex. keeping silence.
  • I can decide what words to use to say what I want.
  • And yes, I can allow someone else to know what I say when I speak out to them.


  • I can decide when to start feeling a certain way.
  • I can not avoid feeling a certain way I don’t want to. Ex. being shamed.
  • I can decide what feelings to experience.
  • I can, at will,  allow someone else to know what I’m feeling.

Seems I’ve got it! It is the second question that reveals the value of one’s WORD. Since it is the only one of the three I can fully control at will then it is totally my responsibility. I mean, if someone else can trigger an image of that pink elephant in my mind, then I do not own/control my mind entirely. There’s a part of it that is automatically connected to something and/or someone else. In the case of the mind I can not be as good as my thoughts, because not all of my thoughts are mine! Not are all my feelings which can also be triggered from the outside. But my words are entirely mine to choose.

Back to the post’s origin question: Why does it matter to fulfill one’s word.

Ok, so if I go hiking today because:

  • I saw a video about it and can’t stop thinking of hiking… Then by completing the hike I fulfilled in part what someone else convinced me of.
  • Someone said something about my holiday weight and I feel obligated to burn it … Also, by completing the hike I fulfilled in part what someone else convinced me of.
  • I said I will go to the hike, even if I was convinced about it. Then I made the hike my own because I could have kept shut and say nothing but I chose to say it.  

So, while thoughts and feeling are necessary, it is through words that I make an experience my own, because I’ll always have the option to be silent about it. It is only through the fulfillment of my word that I matter, that I materialize myself, not what others make me think or feel.

Now, what if I didn’t fulfilled what I said. Good one! Well:

  • If I didn’t fulfill on my word and someone knows it well I’ve lost credibility… And I will have to make up for it.
  • Now to the more interesting part. If I didn’t fulfill on my word and no one noticed, what happens? Am I off the hook? Hehe not really… Because we’ve been gifted with an unconscious and literal mind that governs all automatic responses of ourselves, it is this little guy’s job to keep literal note of everything. So if I didn’t fulfill my unconscious will know and will AUTOMATICALLY allow missing on promises! That’s a tough one to swallow. Do you want your unconscious mind, the 85% of your mind to work against you?

Maybe this is why we say YOLO (You Only Live Once). Because only when we’ve aligned ideas, words and feelings in an experience is that we are truly Alive. Doesn’t matter if it’s on the first or tenth attempt, there’s only one solution to Live Fully = recognize the ideas, say what you want, feel accordingly and make it happen.

Now, to wrap it up nicely, let’s see what the full moon eclipse tell us about the thoughts, word, feelings. Just like the alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon leads to transformations (good or bad, just transformations), the alignment of thoughts (which like the Sun are everywhere), words (that like the earth create) and feelings (which like the moon provoque action) also leads to my transformation. Oh great! Nice and powerful!