The moment I’m ready to start something is when I feel something is missing…  Suddenly I feel incomplete and I can’t stand it. That is the one true driver, the one true motivator: empty space. So how do I use space around me to my advantage? Or how do I make sure I’m not waisting energy moving against the current when I can avoid it?

Last week I talked about an efficient way to make space in me for the new. Now I want to talk about the space around me. There’s many systems around me changing: economy, astronomy, nature, politics… The one I want to focus is Nature, because it shapes both our physical and mental state. For instance, when nature changes seasons into winter some of us might feel mentally excited and at the same time our body adapts to the colder temperatures. The same happens when we travel and change scenery, not only our mind adapts but also our bodies. The natural space around me is the perfect subject for leveraging its change, it has volume to produce impact, and it does so in the mental and physical states of being.

Important to say: I don’t want to be a victim of the changes around me, by saying I can’t do anything about winter or hiking on a tall mountain… What I do want is to use the changes around me to my advantage. It is like practicing Aikido but on the space around me.

1) What is the most notorious force in the space around my goal?

The Egyptians used the Nile’s power to grow crops, move around and many other tasks. The did this by understanding the changes it went throughout the year. They could have built their cities elsewhere, but they acknowledged the NIle as the one great change in the space around them and used it to their advantage.

For me, I’m currently living in Austin, Tx. and the most notorious force in the space around us is: POLLEN. It is a common conversation topic as there are more than 10 different pollen types throughout the year. I’ve heard Austin is one of the pollen capitals of the world. Pollen is not a nice neighbor for some Austinites, neither was the flowing Nile for the Egyptians. Next I want to know:

2) What changes does the space around my goal carry out?

In my current place, the change that pollen is set to do the fertilization of plants. Wikipedia defines it as: the transfer of pollen from a male part of a plant to a female part of a plant, enabling later fertilisation. I can now say that the natural space around Austin is fertilization = the fusion of two states to generate a new one.

The pollen around Austin influences the physical and mental states around Austin. If this is true, the city of Austin must have unique facts related to the force of pollen = fertilize. Let’s see

  • Austin is one of the entrepreneurship hubs of the world = generation of businesses.
  • Despite Republican dominance in texas, Austin is primarily Democrat = opposite forces like male-female.
  • There is not one dominant theme: music, politics, tech, sports, art… in one city = which allows for cross pollination of ideas.
  • The 1871 railroad through Austin transformed the city intro a trading center = pollination of goods traded.
  • In 1956 the University of Texas became the first major university in the South to admit blacks as undergraduates = pollination starts new opportunities.

The examples above support the idea that the most notorious natural force in Austin is pollen. Now, what do I do to use this force to my advantage? 

3) Be ready to receive the changes that the space around you bring.

If in Austin the space around me is constantly fusing two states into a new one through pollination, then I can use that force to my advantage to start something new. For example: One of my goals this year is give a conference talk on changing paradigms = this is my result. If I know that the dominant force in Austin is pollination, I better be ready to receive the opportunity when it presents itself. How? speaking out to people around me on what my goal is. I actually did this three weeks ago on a business dinner and the person I was dinning with told me they are co-hosting a conference in two months on marketing trends… I received an invite the next week! The dinner was in Austin!!