Tao Te Ching Code



The Tao Te Ching is a reference book on ruling one’s reality from within oneself. This is why it is also called the Method of the Inner Kingdom. Its time enduring insight is that to shape one’s reality at will one must attend the important while still small and thus malleable.

To remember the 238 lessons throughout its 81 chapters is easier done with the common thread across the book. A code that simplifies remembering its teachings and therefore applying them by heart. To explain the code first understand that Tao means path, way and speech. Te means virtue and Ching means flowing thread. Ways, paths and speech is illustrated by a circle. Virtue by a straight line and, Ching by the intersection of Tao and Te.


It is at the intersection of speech (Tao) and virtue (Te) that the thread of reality is built upon. To own one’s reality starts in the intersection of one’s own speech and virtue. The infographic below explains in detail what each concept means, along with direct quotes from the book.