Super Power Tshirt



Wear a shirt to break the ice
What’s your super power?

Each one of us has a unique super power that sets us apart from the rest. It has an unlimited source of energy, it is not given but achieved and it is hidden within each one of us. It is made of one’s comfort zone and non-comfort zone and that’s what this design is about: imagine you start a conversation tomorrow by asking “what’s your super power?”.

Hidden within each one

We are rarely aware of one’s super power until we use it on a situation that demands it. The reason it is hidden is because of the “power” component in “super power”. Power means the ability to act or do. This means we might have the power to convince people to buy our products but we have to act upon it and prove it. Otherwise it is only a lucid dream.

Now think about it… Where do you have more power in any given moment: in your comfort zone or your non-comfort zone?It is definitely the first one because it is in our comfort zone that we shine with ease. Continuing the same example, if I have the power to convince buyers of my product, my comfort zone might be acting on this in one-to-many online videos.

These are the two reasons I illustrated the P in the design behind the S, because power is usually hidden and relates to a comfort zone that is always the departure point towards a non-comfort zone.  

Achieved, not gained

Even though the power (ability) to do and act on something is within each one of us, to make it a super power each one needs to achieve using it to go beyond one’s own limits. Because I might be a great online sales marketer doing videos but if I’m stuck in a limit of sales per month, I need to go beyond my own limits.

This is where the Super in super power comes in. The meaning of super is: above, beyond, over… Achieving this position in one’s life is clearly to be in one’s non-comfort zone: beyond one’s own limits.

In the Super Power Tshirt the S is illustrated on top as it means the being above a limit.  

Achieved, not gained
When both come together Super + Power, we experience a moment of unlimited energy when each one of us is able to go beyond any of our own limits. This is why the Super Power Tshirt design looks like the symbol of infinity, because of the unlimited momentum of energy each one access.