Art of War Codified


The Art Of War is the reference book to win 
before I start any encounter. 

The Art Of War is a method to go from conflict Into harmony. To remember by heart the lessons from its 392 paragraphs across its 13 chapters is an exciting adventure when you know the common thread across the whole book. That’s what I did, I discovered three codes in the original text of Sun Tzu’s Art Of War, and used them to explain visually its teachings. You can read about the three codes on this post.

The design in this shirt is one of the three codes: The Five Factors of Conflict. These five factors are mentioned in the first  chapters in a way that makes me think the author is giving us the map with which to read his work. This is the map that Sun Tzu recommends to read the lessons of the Art of War. I just converted it to a memorable design.

The Five Factors  

This is the map with which to read the whole book and is mentioned in the first chapter.

1) Heaven: cycles, seasons.

2) Morale: the spirit across all.

3) Commander: who unites heaven and earth.

4) Method: how all is organized.

5) Earth: ground, encounters, terrain.

The logic for the arrangement of the five factors is that the most dense one: earth, is at the bottom and the most subtle one: heaven, is at the top The reason I added the red stripe to the shirt design is to highlight the relation of the Commander with the subtle and dense factors:

The Commander (red line) is behind the heaven and earth factors because these are not easily modified, but instead are signals to read and act upon.

The Commander (red line) is above the morale and method because these two factors are easily modifiable by the decisions of the Commander.

Understanding the relationships between these five factors is what allows to win in any situation before is starts. Making it work in real life is exciting! and the best thing is that It Works!