What redefines space?

In my previous posts I talked about key lessons on starting a journey: making space in myself and leveraging the space around me. Every journey changes space, the way every Sapling changes space as it becomes a Tree. So what provoked the change? That is my question today.

This weekend I joined the TreeFolks group in Austin on an epic move to plant +1,200 trees in part of the Blanco river. Around 9 am the weather was close to the 40’s F (4 C) and that’s what made it EPIC! For Texas 40 F is Cold! The experience was great: everyone open to an interesting conversation (that is beyond the weather), the cold environment testing our every ounce of determination and the strong coffee to heal all freeze wounds.  Here’s me with some of the members of Unit 2 = U2.

Right around the end of the event, as I walked towards the meeting point I saw the sign and connected the dots. The sign said “Trees for the Blanco”. Now, during the planting I thought about how symbolic it is to plant. Not just trees, but dreams, goals, partnerships… And I connected this thought with the words in front of me “Trees for the Blanco”. Blanco is the name of the river next to which we were planting trees. Blanco is also the Spanish word for White and Target. Haaa! I planted Seeds (Saplings) for the Target (Trees). This struck my mind because I understood that these saplings achieve their target of growth by changing their position around space. A Sapling that stays a sapling doesn’t grow. It has to change its part in space, its position to that of a Tree. The change in position from Sapling to Tree changes space, and not the other way around. Space is the arrangement of everyone that takes part in it.

To change the arrangement of everyone and every part around me: Is it possible? Yes. But it’s too exhausting, unnecessary when I can change my position to leverage changes around me. I can change my tone of voice and be perceived in a different way, thus changing my position in the space around me. The same way a Sapling grows into a Tree to change the landscape around it. Position is then what provoques change. And because change is always happening it is a challenge to make sure I consciously take my position in space.