We are one third through winter, the sun is on its remerging path from the lowest point in the sky, making every day a bit longer, until July 21st. Budgets are being re-launched, strategies are rolling out, new year goals have just begun… Climate wise it is the most difficult time of the year for the north hemisphere… And yet, in the agricultural calendars it is the time to sow! Wait whaaaat?

If I don’t plant seeds now I won’t be on time for the time of growth = Spring. Or in other words, if I don’t do prepare myself now, I won’t be on time for when new clients, deals, products, opportunities show up. So what do you do to sow when all the pressure is upon you and your team? Someone said work smarter not harder, but then we all understood that very differently. I’ve found a way that worked in the teachings of hiking and labyrinths.

When I hike I know that every step I take towards the summit adds a step back to where I started. Mentally it is not a good  motivation! Still the rewards out-weight the cost. When I walk a labyrinth I know that in order to discover something new I have to travel unknown paths! Still the reward is worth the time. Here are the rewards I find both experiences have in common.


Why should I move forward if I now I have to come back? Why do it? Sometimes I’ll do it to release stress, others to release holiday weight. The important mindset is that I RELEASE.


There’s a magical moment when reaching the Summit or the Center! Upon such sights the best to do is to RECEIVE: an insight, a pleasant moment, a selfie!


What was it all for? Not just for the sweat. There’s a difference between coming back and to re-turn. On the latter I remerge as a better me.

In this time of new projects, new agreements, new anythings… SOWING. The way to avoid the pressure when the new comes is Not about making more, but about making space to receive. This is not a natural move for the human mind. It is equivalent to the discovery of the zero (0) by ancient cultures = it made space to count higher with a simple system. 

Now that you know and if you’re convinced of giving a try… I ask you? What are you ready to let go? Where will you let it go in order to receive something new?

We can’t wait to see the lighter version of you!