“Opportunity is a bald figure with a patch of hair up front,
Moves faster than what the senses perceive,
it is then only seized by grabbing it upfront”
– Myth of Kairos (Caerus)

There comes a time when each one wants to change one’s luck. We know this will come by in the form of an opportunity. We also know opportunities are subtle, fragile, quick… The greeks contribution to the study of opportunity is hidden in the myth of Kairos or Caerus. This is my analysis, my experience and my contribution to codifying the myth in an awesome to wear t-shirt. 

Seizing an opportunity is a matter of time, that’s where we start our analysis. For the Greeks there are three types of time. Chronological time moves linearly, sequentially and it represented by the God Chronos, who teaches that all material things come to an end. The eternal time is Aion and represents time without bounds, unlimited, like any pattern that repeats itself in someone’s life and possibly through multiple incarnations. There’s a third type of time that bridges both linear and eternal time. It occurs for an instant, for a brief moment when both cycles and chronologies connect because someone seized an opportunity, changed one’s luck, changed the sequence of events. This time is named Kairos: the opportunistic time.

There’s a very good description about Kairos on wikipedia, so in here I’ll focus on what the visual representation of Kairos means for generating opportunities in one’s life.

The obvious

Why is he facing left? This is the first thing I questioned… For ancient Greeks and western civilization the normal path of movement is horizontal, left to right. Then it stands that if I’m moving left to right most of the time and the opportunity flashes in front of me for an instant, it is coming from the opposite direction.

Also, Kairos is traveling very fast as noted by the wings in the back and feet. Three pair of wings adds up to an impressive speed. But if one notices the the position of his right foot, there’s something off, it is slightly bent like when someone’s tiptoe walking and doesn’t want to be noticed. The same way an opportunity is always caught by luck, in an instant, but makes a structural change to one’s story. By the way his left foot is ready to jump into speed any instant now, proof that Kairos will just briefly slow down for just an instant… What for? Something grasped Kairo’s attention…

The not so obvious

Kairos travels with only one tool: a pair of scales. HIs role then is to weight. Weight what? Well both types of times: chronological vs aionic (eternal) time. It is obvious that Kairos comes from aionic time, as it is proven by his wings. Aionic time represents then the scale closest to his body. Chronological time has to be the scale farthest from his body. Got it! Kairos is on to find who is determined to change his/her luck throughout one’s chronological time, by weighting one’s determination in relation to Divinity, eternal time.

But what should I do to find Kairos, to find the opportunity I want. Because Kairos is moving in the opposite direction I’m going and his head has only a long lock of hair in the front, I deduce that I’ll have an instant to grab him, to seize the opportunity that I connect with. Once Kairos passes by, I won’t get a hold of him. 

Here’s a look at the reference sculpture for this design, done by Lysippos in the 4th century BCE.

The never obvious

What drives Kairos to slow down for an instant? I want to know this because I want to be ready to seize the opportunity I want. This is extremely useful for day to day situations. What I share now I have learned as a member of the E.D.I.P.O. school of initiation psychoanalysis occultism edipo.org. 

Kairos is holding a scale in an odd way: his right arm is balancing the scale purposely towards him, towards aionic (eternal) time. What the author is telling us, and what all mythologies communicate, is that Kairos will not present even odds for who ever wants an opportunity. Because to be  in front of an opportunity is to be in front of the Divine, and that is something one should not mess up. It requires one to go beyond  one’s limits with enough determination, with enough congruence, with enough will to change one’s situation that the balance will prove one’s journey at level with the Divine. It is in that instant that one is able to seize a new direction for one’s chronological time.

What does it mean to go beyond my limits? Well, it means to move towards a result beyond what I have already achieved even though of what I currently don’t know, don’t have, can not do or don’t believe I can. That is enough to get Kairos to measure your opportunity against the divine.

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Kairos  – artistic version

Kairos  – codified version

A note on the codified version: Kairos is designed in a minimalistic way that still communicates the key to the myth. Instead of holding a pair of scales, Kairos is the scales, with his wings being one side and his arm being the other side weighting one’s own determination. The aionic (eternal) time side is wholesome, represented by the full color blue, while the chronological time side is empty and in need of one’s own determination.