The kard

I make at least three relevant decisions every day that change what happens in the next 5 hours, 5 days, or 5 months… The kard contains four maps on tapping into the full potential of the mind. That’s right! I mean using more than the 10% capacity most still think is the acceptable level.  

Why use these maps?

Nature wastes nothing. The truth is that my mind is always performing at 100% capacity. The question is: Am I managing it or my ego (unconscious mind). The kard provides four ways to answer this question.

I’ve personally used these maps to: 

  • Change country, industry, profession and get the job of my dreams: remote, global & mkt related.
  • Found the perfect house for me in a booming real estate city at a unbeatable price.
  • Summarize more than 50 best written books into actionable day to day improvements.

My gift to you are these four maps on the flow of the mind. They’re so easy to remember and powerful in generating results that by using them life feels more exciting, because you’re can now always be two steps ahead.

The methods

Let us start with the simple stuff. The kard’s background color changes on each side.

light manifests in:

logic, masculine, yang, electricity…

dark manifests in:

emotion, femenine, yin, magnetism…

1st check-up (1 of 2). I ask myself: “Do I want to approach this through logic or emotion?”

2nd check-up (1 of 2). Chose one of the 2 diagrams in the side you are working on.

Polarity & trilarity

In the Borromean Rings diagram removing any ring unlinks the remaining ones. Using it:

  • Middle ground (polarity). Write down the 2 point of views to find (listen): what is similar within the differences and what is different within the similar.
  • New ground (trilarity). If the middle ground does not suffice, find a new point of view. Note that if a ring is removed all are unlinked (Borromean Rings).


The mental states

The Pierce Diagram by Jose Luis Parise ( illustrates the 4 states of the mind:

  • 1+ Possible: to cease doing it.
  • 1- Impossible: never cease not doing it.
  • -1 Necessary: never cease doing it.
  • +1 Contingent: cease without doing it.

Listen to yourself, identify where you are and move diagonally to advance the mind.

The decision making

Used in native American cultures (Jose Luis Parise, to be unstuck from an emotional struggle. The down-up sequence is:

  1. An instant to observe (down).
  2. Take time to learn (middle).
  3. A moment to conclude (up).

When I write what each step means to my specific struggle, it opens up the emotion I need to move forward.

Rythm / vibration

The sevenfold labyrinth can be found all over the world. Among other uses, its path can help you with:

  • Releasing when entering, receiving at the center and reemerging when returning.
  • Working on the seven chakras when following it’s path (Flower Of Life).


The kard: a gift from my journey to advance yours

So that we leave with more than we we started with.