Be welcome!

I live for the satisfaction of discovering content entirely in order to use all of its message. No wonder I’m alive in this time of increasing connectivity.

Content entirely understood usually takes more than a first pass, and that is where I come in: I expect for my insights to be a reference into your learning experience. I plan to use this space to share my analysis on ideas that improve the individual, the organization and the society.

This is my promise: to re-write the code through which to play reality.

The method to re-write:

ONE. Every message has one inbocation, this means it calls forth with earnest desire one thing, one result. This is revealed to whom experiences the message.

TWO. The message contains tension  between two opposites, of which one is most of the time hidden or forgotten. That is the reason for the two colors in the Inboko logo and the logo’s icon: the square and the circle.

THREE. To fully understand the content in order to solve the question from where it came, I discover the code that unites both opposites with the result, in an easy remember design. 

The way to the code 

If every message has a unique code: What does it take to discover it? The way is to listen entirely by speaking it.

  • In the blog’s logo you see a blue wave across the letters. This means everything communicates.
  • Next to the Inboko there’s a half circle representing speech. Speaking out the discovered code into a personal inbocation.
  • Then, a half square appears, to symbolize the moment when I listen to confirm the code that was inboked.

The timing to play reality

I start my journey on Inboko today because I reached my question: what does it take to entirely understand any message? So that I use it completely. In the recent year I have achieved more than what i’m destined and that is the credit I need to take upon this journey.

Today, December 25th, two  natural phenomena that sync with my blog’s logo empower this journey. Today is the annual celebration of the new Sun, the Sol Invictus or the unconquered Sun, all related to the male energy or square that limits, separates the new and the preceding. Today starts the new Moon cycle, related to the female energy or circle that includes, integrates the inside with the outside.  Both aligned at the same time, today, and in the same space, the blog’s logo.

To re-view the same with new light is the way of the Sun…

To re-ceive the new light on the same is the way of the Moon… 

This is my first post, the number 0 of this sequence, my reference post. With it I start a new year, a new month, all driven by a new question: what does it take to understand entirely.