Sun Tzu’s Art Of War is the reference to ganar from
the start,
 by generating harmony at will

The Art Of War is a system that uses the energy of conflict to produce harmony, at will. To remember by heart the lessons of its 392 paragraphs across its 13 chapters is an exciting adventure when one has the MAP to connect  all of Sun Tzu’s teachings into one code, one message, one key. That’s what I did: I discovered the one code Sun Tzu hid in the first chapter, visualized in three forms that are easy to remember and therefore easy to apply in any area of life 

Code – Form #1: Conflict Into Harmony

The message of the entire book is to transform any situation of conflict into harmony in three steps:

1) Primero: observar el "yo" y "tu"

2) Segundo: tomar tiempo para aprender

3) Tercero: concluir en "nosotros".

Mantenerse en conflicto es guerra, y concluir en armonía es un arte. Observar es el paso más sutil; concluir es el más denso.

 Code – Form #2: The Five Factors  

This is the Map, the Code with which to read the whole book and is mentioned in the fourth lesson of the first chapter:

1) Cielo: ciclos, temporadas...

2) Moral: el espíritu común en todo

3) Comandante: quien une el cielo y la tierra

4) Método: la organización.

5) Terreno: terreno, encuentros, espacio.

Code – Form #3: Subtle and Dense structures

El capítulo 1 trata sobre la estructura del libro: los cinco factores, desde sutiles hasta densos. 

Los capítulos 2 a 12 explican cómo la estrategia es sutil y las tácticas son densas. 

These three diagrams or forms of the same Code are mental connections to Sun Tzu’s teachings to go from conflict into harmony. Beautifully designed in a visual code easy to remember. Because in day to day situations you won’t have time to go back to the book, but you will remember the code and use it to apply the solution that generates harmony.

“The greatest form of generalship is to win from the start transcending conflict, praise, recognition”

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Still thinking about it?

Aquí hay otra forma de leer El arte de la guerra de Sun Tzu. He clasificado cada uno de los 392 párrafos a los cinco factores que rigen el conflicto en armonía, en un formato visual y fácil de organizar. Cada imagen abrirá un PDF descargable en alta resolución para leer con facilidad.


I. Laying Plans

II. Waging War

III. Attack By Stratagem

I. Laying Plans

V. Energy

VI. Weak Points and Strong

VII. Maneuvering

VIII. Variations In Tactics

IX. The Army on The March

X. Terrain

XI. The Nine Situations

XII. Attack by Fire

X. Terrain