The Hero’s theme has gained terrain in the movie space in the recent decade. Becoming a Hero  is a deeply rooted aspiration. From the first myth recorded: Giglamesh, to Avengers Infinity War, we respect the HERO. What interests me about this is that who achieved the Hero position changed time. By changing his/her own story, the Hero transcends time: to influence the future and also to change the perception of the past. And it all starts with the Hero changing his/her own story: his/her own destiny.

What about destiny? Turns out that destiny is a way to understand how time develops in my life. Destiny comes from de (upward/downward direction) + stinare (to be fixed). So when I say “my destiny” I really mean “my fixed up/down limits”, the most I can go up or down in my life. It is like the railings of a train: no matter how fast or slow you go, you already know where you will arrive. That’s is why destiny is understood as a predetermined event, because if I behave as it is expected given my past then my future is fixed, is like repeating myself. My time is defined by my destiny.

What defines the limits of my destiny? My past, right? If you know me for some time then you learn how I behave and you might be able to predict how I respond to some situations. So what is the root cause of my destiny, I mean my furthest past, or anyones furthest past. I’d say is the story of each one’s birth. That would be the first destiny someone Receives. Yes receives, because I didn’t decide on the story behind my birth, I received it. Why is this so important? Because what I received is not entirely me, it has the decisions of someone else in it. So my destiny is at first decided by someone else. The game about destiny then is to set myself the limits of my life, instead of the ones given to me. The only way to prove this happened is to embrace the destiny given to me and go beyond it

Now, this justify’s the entire Hero’s theme. To live up to the limits set by someone else is to remain mundane, attached to the material, to remain humane. To embrace and go beyond those litmits is to achieve the heavenly, the divine, to become a Hero

In my previous posts I talked about using Space to create my own reality, now it is the moment to write about using Time to my own advantage. If this interested you and you watched Avengers Infinity War, I invite you to read the analysis I made on each character’s destiny and how one achieved the Hero position in his life.