The Art Of War by Sun Tzu is the reference to win in any encounter before it starts. It is really the Art of moving at will between both: conflict and harmony. It’s 392 lessons are now presented visually so they are applied easily.

How to read The Art of War Codified in Graphs?

First. Each chapter is presented in an individual Sunburst graph (Thanks to Excel).
Second. Each circle has a theme that simplifies what you read (click on the images to get the full resolution PDFs):

1. The first circle will be dark if the Chapter relates to Yin (subtle, strategy…) or light if it relates to Yang (dense, tactics).
2. The second circle groups consecutive paragraphs that talk about the same topic. For instance, paragraphs 3 to 16 of Chapter 1 talk about the Five Factors of Conflict.
3. The third circle will identify, within a paragraphs group, which of the Five Factors of Conflict is Sun Tzu’s talking about. For instance, within Group #2 of Chapter 1, paragraphs 6 and 16 talk about the Heaven factor of conflict.
4. The fourth circle presents the book’s original content.

Enjoy the Art of War Codified in Graphs! If you want to read more about the Code within the art of war, check out this post.

The thread across Sun Tzu's Art of War is the same thread between conflict and harmony

I. Laying Plans

II. Waging War

III. Attack By Stratagem

I. Laying Plans

V. Energy

VI. Weak Points and Strong

VII. Maneuvering

VIII. Variations In Tactics

IX. The Army on The March

X. Terrain

XI. The Nine Situations

XII. Attack by Fire

X. Terrain