Given the right conditions it is a good time today to annotate 2020 Resolutions with Earth at its closest point to the Sun.

The year cycle is determined by the relationship between Earth and Sun. It serves me well to analyze this historic moment as I begin to notice that the Sun emits its own light and the Earth receives the Sun’s light in order to grow life. Who annotates a new year’s Resolution sheds light on a result, and one grows as one receives the benefits of achievement.

The obvious

What makes this time different. Today is Perihelion, the closest Earth and Sun are from each other throughout the year. As explained by Wikipedia the Earth is in position 2 of the following diagram: 

The not so obvious

Why does being close to the Sun matters? We are closest to the Spotlight of life! More light, more life. Well not always… Phaeton’s tried to carry his father: Helios (the Sun) chariot cross the sky. Being warned by Helios that not even Zeus could do it, Phaeton didn’t listen. Having taken the reigns he lost control, first heading up while the Earth got colder and then heading downwards while the Earth got hotter… Until Zeus stroke the Chariot with lightning thus killing Phaeton in the act.  

Phaeton’s fault is explained by Plato as follows “because he was not able to drive them in the path of his father”. He acted from the position of a son, who’s dependent on his father who was not driving the chariot with him.


The never obvious

What drives the Sun?

The Sun emits its own light. What can I emit from myself? In a similar way to what the Sun does.  Yes, my own Resolution: that result for which I’m bound towards this year which sheds light into every act I do throughout the year. If my resolution is to gain a weight of 180 pounds by 12/31/2020 then that result sheds light into why I go to the gym 5 days a week and eat a salads every day. I generated my own light into my own result. Doing it so from the day of Perihelion bounds my resolution to greater movements, greater cycles, greater chances to make it happen.